Alisa's Music Page
One of the best folk artists today.

Better With Time captures many different moods and memories. You'll feel swept by the emotions, as well as harmonies, Alisa has brought to her songs. From the perfect memory of a mother, or a love that has withered , to losing your idealism to this fast-paced world.

When I play this for friends, they often compare her voice to contemporary country artists, but she has a style all her own. One of the best songs (One Lone Bird) is sung a cappella. It takes you on a journey. You can actually feel the flight of the bird she is singing about by her inflections and perfect rhythm. If you ever get the chance to see her perform live it's a real treat.

I highly recommend this CD. It was, however, produced in small release and is hard to find. I hope there will be a new release soon.

Exceptional, intimate, easy to get lost in.

Sounds and feels like the bar you wish you went to when you broke up with your significant other. Not sad exactly, just dusky rich and good. The kind of music in which to get lost. Terrific writing, exceptional voice, low and soothing, no high screeches here. More like brandy than a martini. Not a bad cut on the disc. Label seems to have disappeared. It's been more than a couple of years out (1995), I hope/wish she finds a label. It would be a shame to not have more of this kind of music.

A Voice Like an Angel.

Singer-songwriter Alisa Fineman has the voice of an angel. Reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, her voice, words, and music evoke memories and emotion. I Could Not Ask For More, Better With Time tell of hopeful love. Story Ring is of love gone by. Mama's Hope Chest is yesterday. Home is today. Alisa is a treasure, and her music is all that is beautiful in the world. Discover her.