Alisa Fineman's Diaspora Page

I was blown away. I just HAD to have the album! I am enjoying your CD thoroughly. I'm so impressed with the quality of your voice and the arrangement of the songs. Please do more of this genre! You definitely have a fan in me and I'm letting others here know about you as well. If you ever think of coming to Australia we would definitely love to have you perform in Byron Bay! I'm very glad of this opportunity to tell you how much your album has delighted me! - Susi Edwards / Byron Bay, Australia

I have been worshiping God most all my life. I have also felt the joy of music yet (until now) they have never really mixed. In the practice of Islam, Muslims socially are discouraged from music fearing that the powerful human emotions music can release in us all will be misdirected. So save for a few exceptions there is no musical outlet in the "human teachings" of the faith. So for me this music when added with the written two-dimensional words of God and life (in the CD booklet) gave me three dimensional feelings of joyful release. Ironic isn't it? That a Muslim boy can find religious release in the music of a Jewish girl. -Nashwan Hamza / CA

Alisa...I can't stop listening to your has touched my soul so deeply. It has got me interested in being a part of the peace between our three faiths. Your music will be part of my lenten prayer ritual...Thank you for showing me another way to enhance my prayer experience this year. Shalom, Peace, Salaam.
- Linda Wright / Warrenton VA

You bring the beauty of Judaism and hope into a world that often feels shattered. Thank you for sharing this and sprinkling us with the holiness of your voice and words.
- Robbee Jaffee, University of California at Santa Cruz Faculty

A stellar achievement!... While listening to your music I felt so at peace, quieted, connected, spiritual, whole... And believe me, for a variety of reasons, I rarely feel that way anymore, so it is quite a gift that you have given me. - LadyAnn / Sonoma, CA

My husband and I couldn't wait to listen. It was incredible and will become a most treasured piece of our music collection.
- Debbi Russo / Manteo, NC

. . . My eyes just filled with tears. Your album touched me in a way I just can't describe! I played your music at at my yoga studio and people wanted to know who you are. You are universal! - Marcee Gutman-Ballantyne, Fountain of Health Yoga Studio / Pueblo, CO

Talk about beautiful! Your CD is phenomenal, gorgeous, but then, so is Alisa. We are listening to it for the third time this morning. - Joel Steinberger / Los Angeles, CA

Breathtaking! - Dr Beryl Levinger, Monterey Institute of International Studies

I've listened to the entire CD and I think it's stupendous! Super beautiful. - Sue Fishkoff journalist/author / Monterey, CA

A superb and rich collection. What a treasure Alisa and her music are! - Mary Baird / Cleveland, OH

Magnificent, extrordinary, moving...So many different elements woven together... A huge accomplishment!
- Don J. Usner, author, photographer, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Alisa's gift is what she refers to in her music - that spark of the divine inside all of us, a divinity that manifests itself in different people in different ways. Alisa's divinity shines through her music and stories. With this CD she closes the distance, breaks down walls, opens doors and windows!
- Doug Baumgardner / Little Washington, VA

An immersion in holiness - a mikveh of music. - Ann Clark / Sonoma, CA