Alisa Fineman's Links Page


TR RITCHIE Fellow ex-fire lookout, songwriter, slow walker, website designer, comrade-in-arms.
ALEX DEGRASSI Guitarist. Recording Artist. Producer of Closing The Distance.
TIM RAYBORN Multi-instrumentalist, recording artist and writer and guest artist on Closing The Distance.
VINCE DELGADO Incredible percussionist on Closing The Distance.

IAN DOGOLE Percussionist extrordinaire on Closing The Distance.
Teacher at the Sierra Jazz Society's Summer Jazz Camp.
BILL DOUGLASS Righteous upright bass player on Closing The Distance.
Also a teacher at the Sierra Jazz Society's Summer Jazz Camp.
ELIAS LAMMAM A superb guest vocalist on Closing The Distance.
STEVE LOEBS Big Sur percussionist, drummer, and guest player on Closing The Distance
KEITH GREENINGER Soulful, upbeat singer/songwriter, groove meister, former member of City Folk and long-time friend of Alisa and KimbalL.

CITY FOLK A great California trio who still get together from time to time for concerts.
LAYNE REDMOND Alisa studied frame drum with Layne - a gifted teacher and performer.
BARRY & SHELLEY PHILLIPS A remarkable, soulful California pairing of two great musicians.
Gifted songwriter, guitar player and teacher offering excellent songwriting workshops throughout the country. Often accompanied by his profoundly inspiring wife/actress/writer and teacher Julie Portman. Alisa performs with Paul whenever she can.


KINDWEB.COM Music Resources, Band Links, Musicians Finder, Events Calendar, Venues Finder, Activism, Natural Health, a Great Search Engine, and more...
WESOUNDLIKE.COM Find more music like your favorite artists' at!

MUSICSUBMIT.COM A website and press release submission service for the musician.

FREEMP3MAIL.COM Get links to free MP3's in your email.
TRAUGOTT GUITARS Alisa and Kimball number among the many proud owners of these extrordinary guitars.
OASIS CD MANUFACTURING Excellent and professional services with accessible and friendly help, especially devoted to independent artists.


JULIE DENNIS BROTHERS Alisa's sister. Celebrity photographer.
MARTHA CASANAVE An equally excellent photographer.
SARA GLASER An exceptional graphics artist. Specializing in CD packaging and promotional materials for the arts.
BREN AHEARN A wonderful fiber artist.


JENNIFER BEREZAN Alisa has participated in transformative community ritual events organized and produced by the dedicated singer/songwriter/teacher Jennifer Berezan, that have included Eve Ensler, Linda Tillery, Alice Walker, Patti Cathcart, Gloria Steinem, Nina Gerber, Jami Seiber, and Chris Webster, among others.
PROJECT SHEBA Founded by Miri Hunter Haruach (dancer, actress, musician, activist and more), promoting education, spirituality and creative expressions of the human spirit.
PROJECT BANDALOOP An areial dance company that honors nature, community and the human spirit.


YA ELAH "Celebrating the transformative power of song."
SHEVA A world music ensemble performing original music with roots in Hebrew and Arabic cultures, as well as tribal cultures.
SHUVANI A music and dance emsemble inspired by the Roma "Gypsy" Trail: India, Turkey, Egypt and Spain.


N.R.D.C. The Natural Resources Defense Council, dedicated to saving Earth's endangered wild places.
MOVEON.ORG A grassroots political action group proving we can make a difference.
THE NATIONAL COALITION BUILDING INSTITUTE (NCBI) A nonprofit leadership training organization based in Washington, D.C. Since 1984, NCBI has been working to eliminate prejudice and intergroup conflict in communities throughout the world.
BLACK BOX VOTING Consumer protection for elections.
COMMON DREAMS A watch-dog organization for voter reform.
THE TRUTH IS OUT More alternative news coverage, empowering American citizenry.


COSY SHERIDAN Excellent commentary via songwriting and performance on women's body and psyche issues in society. Cosy is the author of the one-woman show, The Pomegranate Seed.
HARMONY AND WOMEN'S HEALTH Groundbreaking studies in women's health and well-being by Dr. Deborah Metzger, OBGYN and Endocrinologist

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