1. Pilgrim’s Tune ( A. Fineman, K. Hurd, Lee Garland) 4:52
2. Thank You (K. Hurd ©2009) 3:37
3. Faith in Our Love (A. Fineman, K. Hurd, Aaron Lewis ©200) 4:44
4. 90-Weight Brew (A. Fineman, K. Hurd, Aaron Lewis ©2009) 5:01
5. Walk Away Rene (Michael Brown- The Left Banke ©1966) 4:10
6. Late Last Night (K. Hurd 2009) 4:18
7. We Know How to Love (A. Fineman ©2009) 4:11
8. Stepping Stones (K. Hurd ©2009) 3:46
9. Y’hiyu L’Ratzon (text: from Psalms; music: Marsha Attie ©1995) 3:16
10. Safe Place to Go (A. Fineman ©2009) 3:49
11. Always Find the Time (K. Hurd ©2009) 4:07
12. Wings of Horses (Peter Rowan & Amanda Rose Rowan) 3:48
13. Shine (K. Hurd ©2009) 3:05

All songs published by Alisa Fineman & Kimball Hurd/Cup of Kindness Music unless otherwise noted. PO Box 613, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Recorded by Justin Mayer at Bear Creek Studios, Santa Cruz, CA Produced by Kimball, Alisa & Justin
Mixed by Manny La Carrubba in The Garage, Novato, CA
Mastered by Sienna Digital
Graphic Design: Lisa Ekstrom
Cover photo: Julie Brothers www.
Manufactured by Sienna Digital


Alisa Fineman- Vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonium, percussion
Kimball Hurd- Vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, mandola, mandolin
Dennis Murphy- Bass guitar (except track 13- Shine)
Jimmy Norris- Drums and percussion
Barry Phillips- Cello
Stan Poplin- Upright bass on Tk.13 Shine
Roger Feuer- Acoustic guitar on Tk. 5-Rene, Tk. 8-Stepping Stones, and Tk. 11-Always Find the Time; vocal harmonies on Tk. 2- Thank You; Tk. 3- Faith; Tk. 5- Rene; Tk 8- Stepping Stones, Tk.10 -Safe Place; Tk 11- Always Find the Time
Luca Fredericksen- Organ & piano on Tk. 3- Faith in Our Love
John R. Burr- Piano on Track 1- Pilgrim’s Tune, Track 2-Thank You
Keith Greeninger- Vocal harmonies on Tk. 3- Faith, Tk. 4-90-Weight, Tk.7- We Know How to Love, Tk. 10-Safe Place, Tk.11- Always Find the Time
Steven Walters- Vocal harmony on Tk. 13- Shine
Shelly Phillips- English horn on Track 11-Always Find the Time

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We thank the following folks for their invaluable support, counsel and encouragement throughout this project: Manny La Carrubba, Justin Mayer, Roger Feuer, Keith Greeninger, Jimmy Norris, Dennis Murphy, Barry Phillips, Steven Walters, Luca Fredericksen, John R. Burr, Jeff Traugott Guitars, Julie Brothers, Lisa Ekstrom, Aaron Lewis, Lee Garland, Evan Lewis, Betty & Marty Fineman, Janet Germane, Charlotte Germane, Karl Snyder, Greg, Debbie and Max Fineman, and to our families, friends and communities throughout the Monterey Bay, across the country and world over – we dedicate these songs to you, whose appreciation, love and support make all this happen.