Gives herself completely

Alisa’s concerts are like Babette’s Feast. She gives herself completely.

Lyn GolliherLearning CenterNew York City
Among the best

Alisa is easily among the best of the next generation of singer-songwriters.

Tom Paxton
A class act

Warmth, beauty, fresh themes, vivid-word pictures. Alisa is a class act.

Rod KennedyFounderKerrville Folk Festival
She breaks down walls

Alisa’s gift is what she refers to in her music – that spark of the divine inside all of us, a divinity that manifests itself in different people in different ways. Alisa’s divinity shines through her…

Doug BaumgardnerLittle Washington, VA

Ravishingly beautiful.

Dr. Beryl LevingerMonterey Institute of International Studies
Rise and fall of sweetly paired voices

When you live in a place that you’ve come to love, every once in a while that place taps you on the shoulder and returns your affection. Alisa and Kimball’s music has the same power as that familiar l…

Sarah RabkinEnvironmental Studies Department FacultyU.C. Santa Cruz
Music sends shivers through me

Two of my favorite performers. Alisa and Kimball’s music sends shivers through me with the rise and fall of sweetly paired voices and compelling lyrics. Expect to hear strong harmonies and Hurd’s tech…

Santa Cruz Good Times
Best of the next generation

Alisa and Kimball are easily among the best of the next generation of singer-songwriters.

Tom Paxton
Beautiful voices

Beautiful voices, moving lyrics…I could listen to Alisa and Kimball sing all night.

Jim MessinaLoggins and Messina
The best

Alisa and Kimball’s music represents the best of radio’s ‘Americana’ genre.

Jim VankoMammoth Mountain Concerts
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